Media Minister’s Notorious Drunken Son Tried To Open Aircraft Cabin Door At 35,000ft

timthumbA drunken Sri Lankan cricketer caused panic on a packed British Airways passenger flight when he tried to open the cabin door at 35,000ft, the The Telegraph UK reported. The Drunken cricketer is non other than Sri Lanka’s Minister Media and Information Keheliya Rambukwella‘s notorious son Ramith Rambukwella, a source within the Sri Lankan cricket team told Colombo Telegraph. Witness Charlene Francis, 26, from Willesden in London quoted by the Daily Mail said she was just a few feet away from the unfolding drama with her one year-old daughter ‘TJ’, her mother Linda and sleeping brother Kevin, when the incident happened in economy class about six hours into an eight hour flight from St Lucia to London’s Gatwick Airport.

‘The BA flight attendants came running down the aisle and tried to calm him down. He seemed quite disoriented. At one stage he was leaning against my daughters cot.’ She heard the man tell cabin crew that he had been looking for the toilet – an account confirmed by British Airways. Mrs Francis said: ‘It was very scary. He looked very dazed or drunk. He was very tall and wearing black and red ‘Dre’ headphones.
British Airways said: ‘During the flight a man got up and tried to go to the toilet. ‘But instead of going to the toilet he tried to open the aircraft door in mid-flight. ‘The event was linked to “an element of alcohol”. He explained his mistake and cabin crew accepted it in good faith. Cabin crew reassured customers who witnessed the event.’

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